Choose the Guard Position and Define Your path in THE ONE

NBA players at the guard position have two selections for offense: defense and balanced. Offense choice for the guard position are point and slasher. Players preferring a more defensive way tend to select the backcourt defender. The guard position is mostly occupied by NBA players who are not extremely tall and are able to move quickly along the perimeter as one of the most important qualities for a guard player is speed. As a matter of fact, the guard position in NBA Live 18 is one of the three available positions and the other two positions are wing and big. There are four play styles for guard position and here we will offer you the four play styles and how to play at guard position well.


Point Shooter

Point shooter and slasher are both offensive play style in NBA Live 18. Now we will start with point shooter that contains three primary play skills: 3 point shoot, mid range shot, passing, dribbling. Shot off the dribble, contested shot and on-ball defense are the three secondary skills for guard point shooter. As for traits, they are quick pass, free throw and sure handles. The best way to get score with point shoot style is to push the offense with passing and dribbling skills just like Steph Curry does at court. Give and Take is the specific tactic linked with Guard point shooter, meaning players will earn a boost to their 3-point shooting ability if they get an assist.

Guard Slasher

The second one is Guard slasher that is also an offense play. Break it Down is the perk for a guard slasher. With layup, dribbling, shot off the dribble and mid-range shot as its primary skills, players who drive into the lane and passing to an open teammate can guarantee a large bonus to shooting. The secondary skills are passing, dunk, on-ball defense and the traits for guard slasher are draw foul, contested shot and sure handles. Russell Westbrook is a guard slasher in NBA team.

Backcourt Defender

Backcourt Defender is the third defense play styles. Player who is a backcourt defender can use stealing, passing and overall defense to keep your opponents in check. The four primary skills are on-ball defense, steal, dribbling and passing. Meanwhile, the secondary skills are layup,3PT shot and mid-range shot. Mike Conley is the player who play as a backcourt defender that own all the primary and secondary skills.


Now we come to the forth one: balanced Playmaker. One of the most well-known players with this style is John Wall who has the skills of dribbling, passing, layup and mid-range shot that are also the primary skills for Pocket Passer. Along with the secondary skills as on-ball defense, shot off the dribble and steal. Players can earn a bonus foe shooting if he passes the ball to his teammate in a catch and shoot.

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