More New Elements Added into NBA 2K18 Patch

Although there is no sign that the development team is to release a new patch for NBA 2K18, but in the usual channels, some have emerged on the Internet.

This article is used to view the report at the bottom of the list. The fans also found some things, such as the current download size for patch 7 new NBA 2K18 update weight at about 5 GB, and some of the most significant changes include the player's aesthetics.



According to NBA players and users, a few athletes saw their appearance updates, though hardly earth-shattering game. Patch notes were found in the online, confirmed that the new custom t-shirts at the stalls, and other hairstyle and appearance have been adjusted to match the NBA players an obvious by fans find glitches included in after each game change into brown shirt with no shirt options in the football field.

Updates to solve the several aspects of the game, but a higher image Rather than cosmetic. Update in the manner the players hairstyle for various players have changed their DOS in the game, but the Los Angeles lakers rookie with the ball and Cleveland cavaliers Derek Ross is two of the most obvious change.

Here's a breakdown of all the notes we take from official site:

  • - Updated custom t-shirt kiosk coming
  • - Portland and San Antonio’s courts have been updated to properly match their real-world counterparts.
  • - Lonzo Ball and other player hairstyles have been updated to match his new look.
  • - Fixed a bug where the number of timeouts left indication on the scorebug was resetting between quarters.
  • - The correct amount of VC should now be displayed at the end of Ante-Up games.
  • - Fixed a hang that could occur when finishing a MyTEAM game with Spanish commentary enabled
  • - MyPLAYER theme song will now play during the starting lineups when one is set.
  • - Fixed an issue where players 96 overall or higher would hang when the opposing team quits out of an active Pro-Am Team Arena game.
  • - When you lose a walk-on game, you will now be returned to the front of the walk-on building rather than at the starting spawn point in the Neighborhood.
  • - Defensive settings panel for OTFC will now function for AI players in Pro-Am games.
  • - Fixed an issue in MyGM/MyLEAGUE where a trade that sent Two-Way players to a team whose roster is full can result in one or more of those players disappearing from the league.

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