NBA 2K18 is Removing the Custom Shirts Infringing Real Brands

NBA 2K18 players are encouraged to create custom shirts for MyCareer mode to make themselves more created. The custom shirts will later be accepted by players on the team and be a part of the in-game items for sold. However, with more custom shirts coming out, one problem came out that some real life copyright is used by players and 2K now is taking actions to remove them.



NBA 2k18 players have expressed on Reddit that shirts they buy from in game have been removed away from their creations. These shirts were removed because they are copyrighted materials like designer brands, such as the highest marks from other sports organizations, such as the NFL, and other copyrighted material, such as a sign of batman, see the custom shirt design Because they are based on real money (through the virtual currency or VC) for sale. You can see that this is how to do it From the aspect of law become messy.

If you go to the in-game T-shirt kiosk and look at the submissions currently being voted on, you’ll see a plethora of copyrighted content immediately. In fact, the highest voted shirt at the moment is a plain black tee with the Superman logo on it.

There are few shirts that does not have copyright material on them. Meanwhile, you are allowed to buy jerseys for players from other sports. 2k has NBA jerseys on sale as long as players have VC in the game. You can also find shirts with logos for brands like Gatorade that you are supposed to buy them with 249 vc only if you finish in-game challenges. Players are frustrated by changes although 2K does not take away shirts with images that 2K do have the right to makes perfect sense. Since players have been attracted by the shirts they have already bought from in game.

There is no doubt that 2K really enabling players to create custom shirts to be in MyPark mode with special purposes. Also, without players creation there won't be a large variety of custom shirts available in NBA 2K18. You know, the actual street does this mean that the shirt creators want to change the muzzle of copyright infringement.

Whether this means that the shirt creators are going to change their grip on copyright infringement, or that 2K will continue to sell shirts before they start to use it remains to be checking out with paying more attention on them.

Although 2K has not respond to the question until now, we will keep following this and as long as we find new update released expressonly will let you know. Just follow our Twitter or like us on Facebook. For more NBA 2K18 mt coins used in NBA in-game items purchasing, please come to expressonly online store.

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