NBA 2K18 MyTeam Domination Guide - Get All Domination Rewards

In this NBA 2K18 MyTeam Domination Guide, we'll describe to you what is the Domination manner in NBA 2K18.

Domination is one of several different game modes which you can play in NBA 2K18 and we have every detail about it at our NBA 2K18 MyTeam Domination Guide. Master playing Domination together with our NBA 2K18 MyTeam Domination Guide.


NBA 2K18 Domination Guide

In Domination, you earn points based on how well you perform and the way you use various moves and abilities. Your ultimate target in Domination is to earn as many points as possible to make MT and three celebrities.

These include various challenges too. NBA 2K18 has three Dominations each more difficult than the preceding one. You can play anybody you would like to.

During the game, your overlay in the top right corner, you can see the points accrued by this specific player. Pressing Up on the D-pad will create this overlay look if it isn't showing by default on your display.

It will show you stats such as Defending, Steals, Blocks, Rebounds, and Assists. You must always use this overlay so that you are aware of how much MT you are gaining after every ability or move and how good the player has performed throughout the game up to now. We have some minimum moves that you must try to perform so that it ensures that you get NBA 2K18 MT coins.

  • 5 Threes Attempted
  • 10 Free Throws Attempted
  • 10 Field Goals
Get Domination Rewards

Great benefits are in store for NBA 2K18 players who will dominate the toughest matches in MyTeam. When there are numerous ways you can perform to get good ballers, Domination mode is arguably among the greatest ways to steadily get much better cards while making MT points. Aside from the 3 card packs you can get by racking in high MT points for each Domination match, you can readily obtain multiple uncommon player cards simply by winning matches.

Basically, there are three ways to earn infrequent player cards from Domination: getting three stars in each Domination match, completing historic card collections, and three-starring all games in each Domination problem (Domination, Historic Domination, and All-Time Domination).

Except for the last couple of games in each Domination difficulty, you can get a total of three card packs for each match: jersey pack, ball pack, and also player package. Because the contents of every player pack is totally randomized, there's always a good probability that you'll find a good baller. For those unaware, pack rewards from Domination are given according to your overall MT points at the match. MT points you profit each match is based on player performance, so be certain to make every second count and you do well on both defense and offense.

Winning matches with the cheapest MT point reward will also get you a jersey card bunch. Your jersey collection isn't solely used for cosmetic purposes as finishing each pair will make you a rare player, which you can monitor by going to your NBA Team Uniforms in collections and toggling Reward Uniforms. Additionally, getting every infrequent participant from the Historic home and away jersey collection will get you a much stronger player. Below is the full list for finishing each jersey set:

  • Away Reward Uniforms 1: Ruby Jim Jackson - 88 Overall Rating
  • Away Reward Uniforms 2: Ruby Buck Williams - 88 Overall Rating
  • Home Reward Uniforms 1: Ruby Bill Russel - 88 Overall Rating
  • Home Reward Uniforms 2: Ruby Penny Hardaway - 87 Overall Rating
  • Historic Away Players (Buck Williams and Jim Jackson): Amethyst Bob Love - 92 Overall Rating
  • Historic Domination Home Players (Bill Russel and Penny Hardaway): Amethyst Spencer Haywood - 92 Overall Rating
  • Historic Domination Players (Spencer Haywood and Bob Love): Diamond Jo Jo White - 96 Overall Rating

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