Neverwinter Online Announces Mod 17: Uprising

Launching August 13, 2019 Neverwinter Online will launch its newest expansion: Uprising. We will FINALLY get to defeat Halaster Blackcloak in a 10-man Trial. We’ll also get a new playable race, Gith. Some “Quality of Life” changes will be happening as well, including a fashion overhaul and improving early game zones and stories.

Gith are an interesting race to be added to Neverwinter, but it makes sense given the new Mind Flayer enemies. The Gith are a race of people enslaved by Mind Flayers. Some suspect they were descended from humans, but most of their origin is a mystery. Skin tones range from pale yellow to green or brown, and hair is typically black or red. Gith are recognized by their unique facial features, including long angular skulls, deep-set eyes, flat noses, and pointy ears. 

There’s not much information published about the QoL updates yet. I’m hoping for more options in perhaps creating our own fashion items though. Fashion is the real endgame! As for the reworked beginner areas, I’m not really holding my breath. I’m sure that after a period of tweaks and bug fixing, the areas will be better than they are now. I hope they address the over-leveling. Even on my first toon 3.5 years ago, I skipped entire areas. I haven’t played areas like Helm’s Hold or Vellosk. This rework is definitely needed, and I am optimistic about the improvements. 

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