Neverwinter: Undermountain Arrives on June 11th

Neverwinter's latest expansion has already arrived on PC, but as always, console players need to wait for another few weeks before they'll be able to venture into the depths of the Undermountain. In what Cryptic Studios promises will be the game's largest expansion ever, Undermountain will introduce a new campaign and a new Expedition feature, as well as making changes to classes, rewards, the companions system, and endgame challenges.

Players have been summoned to a massive dungeon underneath Waterdeep, where Halaster Blackcloak has some surprises waiting. Guided by tavern proprietor Durnan and Chultan priest of Waukeen, Obaya Uday, players follow the new campaign through five Adventure Zones that each have their own challenges and rewards. Once their adventure is over, they'll face a new endgame dungeon known as Lair of the Mad Mage.

As players progress, they'll be able to make use of the new increased level cap, which allows players to hit level 80. If you're not that advanced, improved level-scaling will mean earlier zones are more enjoyable for newer players. Other changes include overhauls to class abilities and balancing, new rewards from other encounters, and a new Expeditions system. 

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