New Guild Finder System In 'Elder Scrolls Online' Should Be In Every MMO

Millions of people play MMOs around the world every single day and even though they're designed to be collaborative, multiplayer adventures the prospect of meeting, talking to and playing with complete strangers is often daunting. When you're new to a game it's hard enough learning the ins and outs of what makes it tick, let alone trying to make new friends in a strange new world.

Guilds are supposed to be a good remedy to this problem: Unite beneath a banner with other like-minded players and go on adventures together. Simple enough, right? Not always. Over the last few years one of the biggest issues has been discoverability.

If you start playing a new MMO you'll likely notice "/zone" chat is flooded with guild recruitment messages featuring paragraphs of text trying to entice new and veteran players alike. Discord channels and Reddit subs are filled with guild recruitment channels and threads. But it's all just a ton of noise. So that's where the new Guild Finder system from Update 22 in Elder Scrolls Online comes in.

With this system you can filter guilds by a ton of different criteria to make sure you're finding the perfect guild for you. For example, you can pick a primary and secondary focus from a list of things like roleplaying, group PvE, PvP, questing, crafting, and more. When using this system to apply to a guild it even lets you submit your role (tank, damage dealer, or healer) and more.


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