Path of Exile: Synthesis is a tale of broken memories and lost secrets

The action-RPG Path of Exile has been out since 2013, but it remains remarkably popular and deeply embedded within the top 100 games on Steam. The December 2018 release of the Betrayal update was actually its biggest yet, and today developer Grinding Gear Games unveiled the next big step in the game's progression: Synthesis, a new Challenge league in which players build their own dungeon by assembling different puzzle pieces together.

The main NPC of this expansion is Cavas, a spirit who has lost all his memories and want you to help find them. Each of Cavas' lost memories is a small realm unto itself, accessible via portals that will appear in each world area. When you enter a memory fragment, the world immediately begins destabilizing, a fatal darkness that closes in around you as you race through the level. Surviving this impending darkness long enough to tag a sufficient number of "memory stabilizers" will grant a memory fragment, which can eventually be placed on the Memory Nexus. It's like collecting puzzle pieces that you can then assemble to make your own path through Cavas' memories. The ultimate goal is to create a path to a "reward memory," but memory fragments will decay after a few rounds, so you'll need to plan your placement carefully.

The meaning behind Synthesis is two-fold, though, as players will also even more freedom when it comes to crafting items. You can buy Path Of Exile Currency and PoE Orbs on , but the gist is that you can now find items with mods that are locked in place and cannot be changed and use them to create new variants of items with random implicit mods. If you're not a Path of Exile scholar, it just means that there's a good chance you might be able to make some very powerful, never-seen-before items.

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