Path of Exile: Legion New Season Live, Melee Overhaul Implemented

Path of Exile has just dropped the version 3.7.0 update, Legion, which brings with it some interesting new changes and challenges. In addition to the new challenge league, the highly-anticipated melee system's overhaul is also included along with a slew of gameplay changes and improvements,

Of course, the highlight of the update is the introduction of a brand-new challenge league that comes with its own unique gameplay implementations. The Legion Challenge League introduces eerie, yet powerful monoliths to the game that spawn in random locati ons as players explore the game map. Touching these monoliths will reveal the ghosts of ancient armies, giving the players the opportunity to engage them in combat, free their tortured souls, and earn great rewards. One of these rewards is also new to the Legion Challenge League: splinters, shards of these mysterious monoliths that players can use later on to access the Domain of Timeless Conflict.

Another big change, and undoubtedly the most significant in the update (because it affects all players, not just challenge league players), is the melee overhaul. For a while now, developer Grinding Gear Games has been experimenting with Path of Exile's various systems - magic-based combat, for example - and has recently set its eyes on the game's melee combat. The highlights of the melee overhaul will have to do with numbers and AoE, which will be available in the full patch notes linked below. However, the developers have also stated that they aimed to improve the "feel" of melee combat as well.

Path of Exile: Legion also makes several balance changes, bug fixes, performance improvements, and more, which you can read all about in the complete version 3.7.0 patch notes.

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