BioWare revealed today some fantastic changes to the limitations of Free-to-Play and Preferred status players coming in July with the next update to Star Wars: The Old Republic! Several of the most severe limitations are being extended or removed. Come with me, let’s take a closer look!

Game Update 5.10.4 to Star Wars: The Old Republic was announced a few weeks earlier and today we get the first news about some of the features included with it!

Some significant changes are coming to the game that will greatly benefit the F2P and Preferred playerbase. But first, let me remind you of what the difference between these statuses is:

Free-to-Play (aka F2P) players are those, who have never purchased anything from the Cartel Market nor have subscribed to the game. Ever. This type of account has and will continue to have a hard level cap limit of 50.

Preferred status players are those, who have made at least one purchase on the Cartel Store or have previously been subscribed to the game for at least a month.

Subscribers (aka Premium players) are those, who are currently paying a monthly fee of ~$15 for a full and complete access to absolutely all features SWTOR has to offer – both in terms of content and character/access limitations.

Update 5.10.4 is coming in July (no set date yet) and will lift up or extend several limits of the F2P and Preferred players. BioWare is hard at work revisiting old systems and this is one of them!

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