Fridays have been busy days for BioWare on the news and announcements front for a few weeks now! SWTOR is heading towards its Onslaught (expansion) and the Public Test Server’s launch date is some time next week. Additionally today we got a few interesting and useful clarifications. The Outlander Tokens will change slightly with Update 6.0, while the Master’s Datacron remains the same. For dessert – a detailed PvP report for all of the devs’s activities regarding exploits for the month of June!

When community manager Eric Musco initially announced on the dev live stream about the upcoming Public Test Server for SWTOR’s 6.0 expansion – Onslaught, we all got excited. Well, it’s the middle of July and we are still waiting.

Today Musco took it to the forums to post a reminder of the studio’s plans regarding the launch of PTS and the various stages they aim to launch before and after the server goes up with the first Spoils of War changes.

In the past few weeks BioWare shared detailed plans for changes coming to several classes. Those exact ones will also be available for testing with the first test build of 6.0 PTS. Here is a list of what has been announced and revealed so far:

  • SWTOR 6.0 PTS New Inquisitor Ability, Set Bonuses and Tactical Items
  • SWTOR 6.0: New Warrior Ability, Set Bonuses and Tactical Items
  • SWTOR 6.0: New Juggernaut Ability, Set Bonuses and Tactical Items

In his post Musco stated that currently the studio is in phase 1 – providing details via forum posts. The next phase is PTS actually launching. This is currently set to happen next week: 

Tentatively, we are aiming to have the initial version of PTS up next week. This PTS will contain the information which we have revealed to you on the PTS forum up to this point, so, tacticals, set bonuses, and the new abilities […]
Keep in mind that next week is tentative and could change. We will have a blog to coincide with the launch of PTS to give you all of the details.

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